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Quality Components: Part 3- Podium Browser

The first two posts in this series discussed how to find lightweight, well-crafted models by the SketchUp team, and models offered by the subscription service FormFonts. This post showcases one more resource: Podium Browser. SU Podium is pretty well known as a SketchUp rendering engine. Podium Browser is a collection of render-ready entourage models (trees, […]

Quality Components: Part 2- FormFonts

Part 1 of this series on quality components focused on generic, lightweight models provided by the SketchUp team. This post is about another great resource for quality SketchUp models: FormFonts. The model creators at FormFonts have been at it for almost 15 years. It’s a subscription service, but you can download up to 30 models […]

Quality Components: Part 1- SketchUp Collections

My “day job” project this week has been working on a chapter for an upcoming book on Modeling with SketchUp for Film and Stage Design. This chapter is about props – modeling or importing entourage objects such as furniture, knick-knacks, plants, and of course, people. If you rely only on the 3D Warehouse for these […]

Scaling Objects SketchUp

In Part 1 of this series, I showed how to use the Tape Measure tool within groups or components, to resize only specific objects and not the entire model. This post also discusses using Tape Measure with groups and components. But the focus here is internal vs. imported (external) components. Read on to see what the difference is. Internal Components, […]

SketchUp STL model 3D Warehouse

If you have or use a 3D printer, you know that STL is the format read by nearly all commercial and personal 3D printers these days. In this previous post, I wrote about the SketchUp STL extension, which you can use to generate an STL file from your SketchUp model. This post shows another way to […]

SketchUp Mosaics 3

I don’t know about you, but I have kids home this week of summer break. And the two most annoying words I keep hearing: “I’m bored.”  If you also find yourself fighting on the front lines of the War Against Child Boredom, maybe this activity will help. And for any teachers reading, you might appreciate this […]