3D Warehouse Models: Part 3 – Embedded 3D Viewer

In Part 1 of this series, I showed how to use the 3D viewer to check out models in SketchUp’s 3D Warehouse.

In Part 2, I showed how to embed a model into a web page.

In this post, I’ll combine the two previous posts, to show how you can use the 3D viewer in a model embedded on a web page.


Here’s a screen capture from Part 2, showing how the embedded model looks on the web page. If you hover directly on the model, you can click it to start the 3D viewer. (Or you can click the 3D Warehouse logo to open the model’s download page.)



Once in the 3D viewer, you can use your three-button mouse to orbit, pan, and zoom, like you would in SketchUp itself. Or you can click this arrow for the view-changing tools.





The vertical toolbar that appears has all the familiar view options. The top icon opens the list of standard views and scenes.


This particular model doesn’t have scenes, but they would appear here. Say I want to see the Left view – there’s an icon for that. Then I’d click the “close” arrow to minimize the Views menu.


Now the Left view is showing.


And here’s an easy icon to miss: the one that brings the model into full-screen mode. This is great for large or complex models whose details can’t easily be seen in a thumbnail view.


If you go full-screen, just press Esc to go back to the web page.



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