About Bonnie Roskes

11 Bonnie Roskes is a co-blogger at 3Daily.

Bonnie has been writing about 3D modeling, with a focus on SketchUp software, since 2001. Her website, www.3dvinci.net, is a popular source for step-by-step tutorials, books, and projects for a wide variety of ages and subjects.

Her best-selling books are from her Hands-On Series: general how-to books on all of SketchUp’s native tools.

This series includes a Student Coursebook, popular at the university, college and high school level.

If you’re a teacher or instructor, email Bonnie (bonnie@3dvinci.net) and let her know where and what you teach.

Bonnie’s SketchUp Specialties Series currently features two books: Modeling with SketchUp for 3D Printing and Modeling with SketchUp for Interior Design. More are planned for this series in the future.

Kids love SketchUp, too! Bonnie’s ModelMetricks Series teaches 3D modeling with fun and colorful projects:

And for math lovers, the GeomeTricks Series is a set of 13 project books on 2D and 3D geometry. No calculator needed.


Bonnie started her professional life many moons ago, as a civil engineering (structural), designing and repairing bridges. After discovering that she preferred writing about engineering software rather than inspecting highway bridges in the freezing cold, she changed paths a bit, developing manuals and tutorials for several CAD/CAM applications. In 2001 Bonnie launched 3DVinci and has developed a loyal following in the SketchUp world.

Bonnie lives in Washington, DC with her husband and five kids.