3D Printing

3D Printed Cookie Cutter

No, this isn’t a cooking blog. But SketchUp and a 3D printer just might help you improve in the kitchen. Every year in early summer, we’re part a group of about 20 families that head out for a few days to beautiful Cacapon State Park in West Virginia. And every year we put on some sort […]

SketchUp Seashell: Geometry or 3D Printing Project

I have a colleague named David Thornburg, who is the Director of Education for Polar3D. (If you’re into 3D printing, check out Polar 3D – their printer works by spinning the circular build plate, rather than with lateral movements.) Recently I ran across a 3D printed seashell project that David posted on the Polar3D blog. He wrote […]

SketchUp STL model 3D Warehouse

If you have or use a 3D printer, you know that STL is the format read by nearly all commercial and personal 3D printers these days. In this previous post, I wrote about the SketchUp STL extension, which you can use to generate an STL file from your SketchUp model. This post shows another way to […]

SketchUp STL Extension 4

SketchUp is a great tool for creating 3D printed models. (And I happen to have a book on that very subject!) But you can’t feed a SketchUp model directly to a 3D printer; a model must be converted to the STL format. At least as of now, SketchUp doesn’t have a direct export to STL […]

SketchUp Shortcuts Part 2: Model Display Shortcuts

In Part 1 of this series, Daniel showed how important it is to have SketchUp shortcuts set up. SketchUp provides a good number of default shortcuts, such as the L key for the Line tool, the Spacebar for the Select tool, etc. And Part 1 also showed how you can set up shortcuts for other tools that SketchUp […]

Meet the Bloggers: Bonnie Roskes

Hi 3Daily readers, I’m Bonnie Roskes. When Daniel Tal first approached me about a year ago with the idea for this blog, it didn’t take much to sell me on the idea. The idea was to post almost every day on any topic related to SketchUp in particular, and 3D design in general. Nobody else is […]

SketchUp STL Extension: Part 2 - Model Import

The SketchUp STL extension I discussed in Part 1 of this series can be used to export your 3D printable model in SketchUp into STL format, to be read by a 3D printer. This extension can also be used to import STL files into SketchUp. This example will show how to find a generic box in […]