SketchUp and Photoshop: Part 2 – High-Resolution Aerials

In Part 1 of this two-part series, I demonstrated how to link SketchUp with Photoshop (or any graphic editor), enabling you to seamlessly edit SketchUp textures and images. That post focused on editing tiling material images, such as grass or stone. This post is about geo-location: getting high-resolution aerial images from Google Earth Pro into SketchUp. Add Location In […]

SketchUp with Photoshop Image D

This pretty image looks like it came from a high-end rendering application, right? Actually it’s a rendering straight out of SketchUp, with some assistance from Photoshop. Working with images is an essential part of SketchUp’s workflow. And you’re going to find yourself now and then wanting to make changes to images, by using a graphic editor such as […]