SketchUp Books and Training

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New Book: Modeling with SketchUp for Entertainment Design

 If you get 3DVinci’s email newsletters, you already heard about this a few days ago. After 5 long years of on-and-off and back-and-forth, I have an exciting new book to announce!   Click the link above for book details, and to see lots of pretty pictures from some of the pages 🙂 Here’s the story: […]

ModelMetricks Books for SketchUp 2017!

Perhaps you’ve already heard – SketchUp 2017 was released last week! Lots of improvements have been added – inferencing, extension management, much better graphic display, and more. The first of the 3DVinci materials to be updated is the popular ModelMetricks Series.   (Updates for our other books are coming soon!) Who Are These Books For? ModelMetricks books are designed for kids […]

SketchUp Extensions: Five Reasons to Use Them

Extensions for SketchUp are amazing. I remember using my first SketchUp extensions when third-party add-ons were just introduced, way back in the SketchUp 4 days. SketchUp was still a start-up at the time (anyone remember @Last software?). And in those days, you had to install extensions via a cumbersome, somewhat geeky process requiring some coding […]

Book Review: SketchUp and LayOut for Architecture

If your’e a SketchUp Pro user, you have the LayOut program as well, so this post is for you. And if you’re not (yet) a SketchUp Pro user, read this post anyway – the stunning images might convince you to go Pro (and learn LayOut). This is the first of what I hope will be many […]

Meet the Bloggers: Bonnie Roskes

Hi 3Daily readers, I’m Bonnie Roskes. When Daniel Tal first approached me about a year ago with the idea for this blog, it didn’t take much to sell me on the idea. The idea was to post almost every day on any topic related to SketchUp in particular, and 3D design in general. Nobody else is […]

Meet the Bloggers: Daniel Tal

Hi 3Daily readers, I’m Daniel Tal. I’ve been around the SketchUp and 3D Vizualization world for many years now. Landscape architecture is my main full-time job, currently as a 3D Studio Lead for Stanley Consultants, producing models like this one: And because one full-time job isn’t enough, I wear a few other hats as well. I do some writing, currently […]