SketchUp Extensions

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MSPhysics and the Ames Illusion: Part 3 – Go!

In Part 2 of this series, I left off with the room and person, ready to animate in MSPhysics to see the Ames Illusion. Here they are:   Before getting into making the person slide across the room, run the simulation to make sure the person is stable and won’t topple over because of the […]

MSPhysics and the Ames Illusion: Part 2 - MSPhysics Prep

In Part 1 of this series, I ended with the distorted room that would house the illusion itself. It looks like this:   But in the saved view, the back of the rook looks more like a regular room:   In this post, I’ll show how to set up the room to work in MSPhysics, […]

MSPhysics and the Ames Illusion: Part 1 - Room Setup

I recently wrote up a kids’ project for Beanz Magazine on how to create the Ames Illusion in SketchUp. (If you have kids, or are a kid, check out my last Beanz project on jigsaw puzzles.) What is the Ames Illusion, you ask? It’s an optical illusion in which a person appears to grow or […]

Sculpture Modeling - Organic Shapes, Part 2

In Part 1 I showed how I modeled an organic sculpture using a few neat SketchUp extensions. That project consisted of two sculpture models, and here’s a description of the second one. My model appears in this rendering – it’s at the top left corner, along the sidewalk.     The idea was that the […]

Sculpture Modeling - Organic Shapes, Part 1

I recently had a fun design job with a local architect. The idea was to make a conceptual model that loosely resembled a specific sculpture. The sculpture model would be placed in a SketchUp model of a new, mixed-use project, to show in context what a similar art installation would look like.     (The […]

Soap Skin Table: Part 3 - Curviloft

Part 1 and Part 2 of this series showed how to use the Soap Skin extension to create curved faces within a set of arcs and lines. The curved faces make up the base of this table: In this post, I’ll show another extension that can be used for the same thing (and maybe does […]

Soap Skin Table: Part 2 - Complete Faces

Here’s where I left off after Part 1 of this series – four border edges of the curved face I want to create. I have two arcs on the sides, and two horizontal edge at the top and bottom.   Now for the magic of Soap Skin. First I select all four borders. Then I […]

Soap Skin Table: Part 1 - Border Setup

I recently helped an interior design client design a lovely room, with this nice sitting corner:   Note the table between the two swivel chairs – it’s a round lamp table by Hickory White. Here’s a close-up:   A round table with all circular or straight edges would be pretty easy to model in SketchUp. […]

PathCopy: Studded Window Valance

I recently helped a training client who wanted to model a window valance like this one: Notice the cool metal studs placed evenly around the border. So I thought I’d use this as an opportunity to demonstrate the PathCopy extension. Actually two extensions are needed here, both by Smustard, both available in the Extension Warehouse: […]