SketchUp Extensions

Intro to Extensions: Part 2 - SketchUcation Extensions

UPDATE: With SketchUp 2017, there is a new way to install the Plugin Store. (Searching and installing still works the same way. See our post on the 2017 update, then come back here to read the example.   In Part 1 of this series, I covered the basics of SketchUp extensions and how to use […]

SketchUp Extensions Grid2

UPDATE: With the release of SketchUp 2017, managing installed extensions is done a little differently. It used to be done via the Preferences, now it’s done in the Extension Manager. See our latest post on this.   Extensions and plugins tend to scare people off. And I admit that looking through all the different scripts, and places […]

SketchUp Extensions: Five Reasons to Use Them

Extensions for SketchUp are amazing. I remember using my first SketchUp extensions when third-party add-ons were just introduced, way back in the SketchUp 4 days. SketchUp was still a start-up at the time (anyone remember @Last software?). And in those days, you had to install extensions via a cumbersome, somewhat geeky process requiring some coding […]

1001bit Tools Final Detail

In Part 1 of this tutorial, I gave a quick overview of how to quickly model a residential house (walls, roof, framing), using the 1001bit Tools extension.  In this post, I’ll show a few more of these tools, to punch holes in the wall and detail out grills. The tools I’ll show here are for openings, panels, and louvers. […]

1001Bit tools

The 1001bit Tools extension has been around for a long time, and should be a household name (in your SketchUp house). Written by a smart guy named Goh Hun Chee, it’s a free script you can install directly from the Extension Warehouse. We’ll have a series of posts in the near future about finding and […]

SketchUp STL Extension: Part 2 - Model Import

The SketchUp STL extension I discussed in Part 1 of this series can be used to export your 3D printable model in SketchUp into STL format, to be read by a 3D printer. This extension can also be used to import STL files into SketchUp. This example will show how to find a generic box in […]