SketchUp Interviews

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New in SketchUp 2017: Installing SketchUcation ExtensionStore

Several months ago, I posted about SketchUcation’s ExtensionStore – a popular resource for some wonderful SketchUp extensions. With SketchUp 2017, what’s changed is the way you install the ExtensionStore. Once that’s accessible from SketchUp, and you have a free SketchUcation account, installing extensions remains easy and automatic. You’ll need the Extension Manager for this, which […]

Community Center Rendering FINAL small

Before you ask, no – this is not an interview with this guy:   I met Ryan Seacrist when he attended one of my classes. During one of the tutorials, Ryan came up with a different approach to getting 3D modeling work completed faster. I was impressed and have kept in touch with him. Ryan has a […]

Ryan Deane Samara

Ryan Deane, ASLA, is my co-tech-editor-at-large for Landscape Architecture Magazine . A techie nerd and obsessive 3D modeler, Ryan is a landscape architect who’s been lucky to work on some phenomenal projects. From campus design to master planning, Ryan is always trying to push the limits of his work (and his computers). Here are some of Ryan’s thoughts […]

Interview with Chuck Vali

Chuck Vali is an architect, coder, and developer of fantastic SketchUp extensions. And he lives in Hawaii, where he gets to design gorgeous resorts like this one:   I’ve used Chuck’s tools for years. Collectively known as Instant Architecture , this combination of tools automates the creation of terrain, walls, fencing roads, trails, roofs, and more. […]