CEU Courses

Welcome to the CEU courses page. Each of the courses below contains tutorials. Each tutorial can be watched for a CEU credit. For example, SketchUp basics is comprised of SketchUp Basics Tools, SketchUp Intro to Components and SketchUp Extension Basics. You can watch each video and earn a CEU for each one (depending on the number of credits you have purchased).

There are two notable exceptions:

  • Under the course Site Design and Architecture, Introduction to Site Design is divided into THREE separate tutorials, each one allowing you to earn a CEU.
  • SketchUp intro to Digital Elevation modeling, under Terrain Modeling, is not currently certified to provide a CEU.

Remember, you can watch any of the videos as you have access to all of them to further enhance your skills.

SketchUp Basics


Site Design and Architecture

Terrain Modeling


Graphics and Animations