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DanielTal Hi 3Daily readers, I’m Daniel Tal.

I’ve been around the SketchUp and 3D Vizualization world for many years now. Landscape architecture is my main full-time job, currently as a 3D Studio Lead for Stanley Consultants, producing models like this one:

And because one full-time job isn’t enough, I wear a few other hats as well.

I do some writing, currently as Tech-Editor-at-Large for Landscape Architecture Magazine. And I also published two popular books: SketchUp for Site Design and Rendering in SketchUp.

Kala Interior 03

But the truth is, I hate writing. Not going to lie.

Writing is perhaps the most beautiful, the deepest art form there is. It’s the basis for all religion, poetry, novels, even religion and science. So I love to read. But producing and organizing words = hard work.

What I love to read about includes subjects such as technology, sci-fi, and ideas on where our brave new world is heading. And my passion is talking about these ideas, and sharing thoughts and opinions. For years I’ve wanted to blog about these topics, but it’s a daunting commitment – just ask anyone who’s tried to blog. And it’s not that I have no writing experience; in addition to my editing gig and my published books, I’ve authored dozens of articles, proposals, contracts, etc. But to write on my own every day? Not without a partner.

My co-blogger Bonnie Roskes loves to write. It’s easy, she tells me. She can do it in her sleep. So we teamed up for this blog. We’ll be sharing tutorials, tips, interviews, and recommendations, each editing for the other and playing up our strengths. We make a fine and complementary team.

Starting with topics on 3D modeling and SketchUp, eventually I hope to plumb the depths of current trends, such as drones, the technological singularity, driverless cars, AI, VR, AR, 3D, and any other 3-letter acronym that’s bandied about these days.

I hope you enjoy our new blog. Please feel free to suggest topics, and if you have something I should write about, don’t be shy. Share our blog posts, agree or disagree with us, have fun.

Some other facts about me: I’m a New York City boy who’s lived in Denver for over 20 years. I love the mountains, art, mentoring, and modeling (3D, not fashion). I’m also a history buff. But first and foremost, I’m a dedicated husband and dad.

About Daniel Tal

Daniel Tal, ASLA, is a professional speaker and a registered landscape architect with over 17 years of experience. He is a 3D modeling and visualization expert, has authored two books with Wiley and Sons: SketchUp for Site Design and Rendering in SketchUp and is the tech-editor at large for Landscape Architecture Magazine. Tal runs a 3D modeling and visualization studio for Stanley Consultants, a 1,000 person multi-disciplinary engineering firm. Read more about Daniel.



  1. Daniel: The website update looks great and I like the idea of a blog. I’m looking forward to learn a lot from them! I hope to see a blog on the 1001 Bit Tools extension sometime soon..



    1. Thanks Mark!!! I do have a tutorial on 1000 Bit Tools completed and forthcoming.


  2. Hi Daniel,
    I am a Sketchup lover since 2010 when my partner introduce me to it.
    I have read Sketchup for site design and become a fan of yours; great to have some updates time to time.


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