ModelMetricks Books for SketchUp 2017!

Perhaps you’ve already heard – SketchUp 2017 was released last week! Lots of improvements have been added – inferencing, extension management, much better graphic display, and more.

The first of the 3DVinci materials to be updated is the popular ModelMetricks Series.


(Updates for our other books are coming soon!)

Who Are These Books For?

ModelMetricks books are designed for kids in elementary and middle school – ages 8-13. From learning the basics of designing a simple house with windows, to making crazy buildings, puzzles, sculptures and paintings, 3D Warehouse and Google Earth, painting with pictures, even optical illusions – these books will keep kids busy for hours. (They work with SketchUp 2016 as well.)

Click to see what you’ll find in each book.

These books are available in PDF format, for both PC and Mac users.

Teachers: You’re invited to see our evaluation PDF, containing one book from each of the three ModelMetricks Series (Basic, Intermediate, Advanced). Just go to theContacts page and let them know what you teach.

What Kinds of Models Are Kids Creating?

These projects are great not only for classroom work, but also for rainy or snowy days, school vacation days, long weekends. Would you rather your kids play another round of car-smashing video games, or design their dream bedroom?

Or perhaps a rainbow building?


How about picture puzzles, shapes puzzles, word puzzles?


They can terrorize the world by placing giant flies on large, famous buildings:


Or design their own art gallery, complete with paintings and interesting sculptures:


But my personal favorite project comes from the last chapter of the last book in the last (Advanced) Series – a series of gears that only look like they’re spinning:

Sale prices are going on now – check out ModelMetricks books today!



About Bonnie Roskes

Bonnie Roskes has been writing tutorial-style projects on 3D modeling software, primarily SketchUp, since 2001. Her website, offers a wide variety of learning materials for all ages, from kids in grade school through design professionals. Her materials cover general 3D design, 3D printing, geometry, interior design, geo-modeling, and more, and future books are in the works. Read more about Bonnie.



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