SketchUp’s Visiting Professionals Program

If you’re a professor or instructor in higher ed, this post is for you!

Did you know that SketchUp has an arsenal of experts, ready to share their expertise with teachers and students? And that you may be able to get someone to come out to you, FOR FREE? All thanks to SketchUp’s Visiting Professionals Program (VPP).

SketchUp aims to make it easy to connect SketchUp students and teachers with SketchUp pros. And I’m happy to say that I’m one of the experts on the VPP list, as is my co-blogger Daniel, and many more of our brilliant and seasoned colleagues.

There are VPP experts for pretty much any field you can think of. You can read about each one of us, to see what sorts of guidance and training we offer.

Here’s how Chris Brashar, SketchUp’s VPP program coordinator, describes VPP:

The aim of the SketchUp / Trimble Visiting Professionals Program is to bring experienced professionals into the university classroom to share industry knowledge and real-life workflows with students and educators through a day of hands-on workshops, lectures, interactions, and demos. We believe that sharing industry knowledge helps better prepare & inspire both students and educators.

We feel it’s imperative that students learn the tools that enable success as they move from university studies into their professional lives. That’s why we sponsor these visits and cover most, if not all, the expenses to make these visits a success. For an example of a previous visit, please watch this short video.

There are three types of programs available:

  • Tech Talk / Demo: a lecture-style walk-through of a particular modeling workflow
  • Hands-On Workshop: follow-along, DIY sessions in which you create SketchUp models and/or LayOut docs
  • Critiques: you present your projects, the expert combs through for feedback and suggestions

Interested? Who wouldn’t be? Apply to request a visit!

These sessions are great fun for the experts, and invaluable for students.


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