Position Camera: Part 2 - Camera Target

In Part of this series, I showed how to use SketchUp’s Position Camera tool to navigate to a specific view of this news studio. In this post, I’ll show a different feature of Position Camera: the ability to both place the camera and point it at the same time.   Here’s the entire studio – what you […]

Position Camera: Part 1 - Look Around

Anyone out there use SketchUp’s Position Camera tool? It’s essential for presenting your designs, but precious few people know about this tool. I’ll demonstrate using this model, which is used in my new book on SketchUp for Entertainment Design. To download it, click the “3D Warehouse” logo at the bottom of the image below.     […]

Sketchup Panorama Setup VIZ_0001

Look at this beautiful room, with the lovely view of autumn foliage seen through the windows:   It looks as if this model includes a lawn and colorful trees on the other side of the purple wall. But if I had really taken the time to model all of those landscaping elements, the model would be […]