SketchUp Layers Detailed Park

In Part 1 of this series, Bonnie discussed best practices of layer placement, and in Part 2 I showed some large-model case studies of layer organization. In this last post of this series, I’ll demonstrate the power of combining SketchUp layers with scenes to make model presentation simple and efficient. This complicated-looking project is a prime candidate for simplification using scenes […]

SketchUp Layers: Part 2 - Layer Case Studies

In Part 1 of this series, Bonnie showed the importance of using SketchUp‘s Layer0 for all loose geometry, and placing components and groups on other layers. In this post, I’ll demonstrate how layers can take you beyond basic organization. And in Part 3, I’ll combine scenes and layers for seamless control of object visibility. Layer Organization Case Studies The […]

Sketchup Layers Groups Components 01

Layers – they seem simple enough. Place a SketchUp object on a layer, turn off the layer, hide the object. Each object sits on only one layer. What could go wrong? Actually, quite a bit. When you model using groups and components (which all good modelers do), and start placing groups, components, or loose geometry onto different […]