Soap Skin Pillow: Part 3 - Paint the Soap Bubble

In Part 1 of this series, we downloaded a pillow image and created the flat shape of the pillow. And in Part 2, we used the Soap Skin & Bubble extension to give the pillow its puffy shape. In this last part, we’ll finish up our model by painting it with the image we downloaded in […]

3D Printing Cactus

In Part 1 of this series, I showed how I modified a Thingiverse model of a bear, to print out for my son’s diorama state project for school. Now it’s my daughter’s turn. Her state was Arizona, and she wanted to include some sort of Arizona tree or plant. And what says “Arizona” more than a saguaro cactus? […]

SketchUp's Scale Tool - a Simple Snap of the Pin

The very useful Scale tool in SketchUp enables you to adjust object size or proportions. An overview of the Scale tool can be found in SketchUp’s Help Center. The Scale tool is generally pretty straightforward, but sometimes it can drive you crazy. This post will demonstrate a few tips that might help preserve your scaling sanity, and maybe […]