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Park Pergola Design 17

In Part 1 of this series, I showed how to create the curved, horizontal cross beam for the 3D pergola. And in in Part 2 I showed how to make the vertical supports.   In this part, we’ll finish up the pergola by adding the tilted cross-beams along the horizontal beam.   Design the Beam […]

Modern Canopies in SketchUp: Part 2- Sail Canopy Support

In Part 1 of this series, I demonstrated how to model the surface of a sail canopy in SketchUp. In this post, I’ll model the sail canopy supports – the three tall, tapered truss structures in the three corners of the sail:   Extensions You’ll Need From the Extension Warehouse, you’ll need these three: Profile […]

Modern Canopies in SketchUp: Part 1- Sail Canopy Surface

As a landscape architect, I work and design in the urban environment, focusing on the 3 P’s: Parks, Plazas, Pedestrians. My goal is to provide ergonomic and aesthetic design elements, encouraging the use of open spaces. Shaded gathering areas are growing quite popular, and tensile structures such as sail canopies are a beautiful way to […]