SketchUp Preferences 7

In the previous post I reviewed SketchUp‘s Model Info window, highlighting some of the options it provides to make your SketchUp modeling life easier. People often associate Model Info with the Preferences window. The difference is that Model Info affects just the model you’re working on, whereas Preferences affects how SketchUp runs for ALL models. Also called System Preferences, you can […]

SketchUp 2016 PC Trays, Windows, and Shortcuts

If you’re a PC user who’s using SketchUp 2016, all of your UI windows are now in one or more trays. (In versions before 2015, windows could be displayed separately. Mac still works the “old” way, too.) This post will show how you can manage trays, create new ones, and set up shortcuts to open specific trays and […]

SketchUp Shortcuts Part 2: Model Display Shortcuts

In Part 1 of this series, Daniel showed how important it is to have SketchUp shortcuts set up. SketchUp provides a good number of default shortcuts, such as the L key for the Line tool, the Spacebar for the Select tool, etc. And Part 1 also showed how you can set up shortcuts for other tools that SketchUp […]

SketchUp Shortcuts Part 1: Speed Things Up

Many moons ago, my friend and colleague Brian looked at me like I was insane. “You don’t use shortcuts in SketchUp? You click on the icons or menus each time? That’s just pathetic, Dan.” It was a late night working on a deadline. We had to create five SketchUp models and accompanying animated presentations. To Brian, […]

SketchUp's Quick Reference Card

If you’re just starting out using SketchUp, you ought to print yourself a copy of SketchUp’s Quick Reference Card (QRC) and tack it somewhere above your computer. There are separate QRC versions: one for PC and one for Mac. And even if you’re an old hand at SketchUp, check out the QRC anyway. You’ll probably learn some […]