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SketchUp Teeth!

A couple of years ago, when one of my kids was 8, he had a terrible playground accident. Two of his front teeth were knocked out (by a metal bar, not by another kid). As in, the teeth were completely out of his head – roots and all. Since then he’s had a couple of […]

3D Printing Cactus

In Part 1 of this series, I showed how I modified a Thingiverse model of a bear, to print out for my son’s diorama state project for school. Now it’s my daughter’s turn. Her state was Arizona, and she wanted to include some sort of Arizona tree or plant. And what says “Arizona” more than a saguaro cactus? […]

Great List of Top Extensions

Every now and then I’ll get a list, on a blog or via Facebook, of top SketchUp extensions. They tend to mostly say the same things, and if you’re new to extensions a “top” list is a good place to start. The latest one I saw come by way of a Facebook page called Winning […]