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Sorry for the posting hiatus! End of summer is always crazy, with kids and vacation plans and a set of books to release. Plus we’re planning some changes to the blog in the next few months, so we’re slowing down a bit (though not disappearing!) in anticipation of that (stay tuned!)

In the meantime, I wanted to share a couple of links that folks might find interesting or useful.

First, check out SketchUp Shortcuts. I’d never seen this site, but a reader posted it in a comment on my post about SketchUp’s Quick Reference Card. This shortcut site lays it all out – short and sweet and clear. Not only shortcuts, but also what the modifier keys do in each tools.

For example:


The second link came to me somewhat randomly. Someone filled out a contact form on my website, and it looks like they’re trying to sell something though I’m not sure what. The link, however, has VERY cool stuff if you’re looking for 3D models.

The title of the page is 3D Graphics Introduction and and Resources. There are two lists – 20 sites that provide 3D models, and 8 modeling programs (including, of course, SketchUp).

The first resource for models is the 3D Warehouse (which I’m sure you’ve all visited often!) But there are then 19 others, most of which I hadn’t heard of. Not all of these sites offer models in SKP (SketchUp) format. But SketchUp Pro users can convert most of these into SketchUp. And Make (free) users can usually import / export via another free modeler, such as Blender.

For example, CADDetails has hundreds of SketchUp-ready models for construction.


DesignConnected has lots of furnishings and accessories.


SketchFab has some really high-end characters, vehicles, animals, etc.

So now when you can’t find what you need in the Warehouse, you have lots of other places to look!


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