Welcome to 3Daily’s Opening Day!

SketchUp Model

Pull up a chair (perhaps one from this gorgeous rendering of a SketchUp model) and join us!

Welcome to 3Daily – our new blog!

The goal of 3Daily: covering what we love – all things 3D. As you can imagine, this 3D blog will be about design, planning, modeling and building. But that’s not all.

For over 10 years, we have been aficionados of a 3D modeling program called SketchUp. We adopted it early on, before most people had even heard of SketchUp, and used the software to drive our work and life toward interesting and unexpected directions. We’ve become dedicated SketchUp users, teachers, and authors. But most importantly, our work in the 3D space changed our perspective, both literally and figuratively. SketchUp sparked a drive to delve into more of the technology we couldn’t have even imagined possible a few years ago.

What was once science fiction – virtual reality, 3D printing, drones –  is now a part of everyday life. There’s so much to get excited about and explore! But how do we keep up, understand what it all means, and predict where things are headed? We hope to help sort it all out.

Phantom3 Drone   DJI Phantom 3 Drone

New to SketchUp?

It’s a free 3D modeling program you can use to “download” ideas from your imagination onto your computer screen and beyond. It’s easy enough for young children to use, and sophisticated enough for design professionals.

SketchUp Model Active Spaces


Already familiar with SketchUp?

We plan on covering everything and anything related to SketchUp, such as news, tools, step-by-step tutorials, expert tips and interviews, extensions (plugins), rendering applications, frustration-elimination methods, and much more. In a word, we want to help you enjoy SketchUp. But we’re not stopping with just blog posts on SketchUp itself….


OK, so what’s beyond SketchUp on this blog?

So many things! Here’s a taste:

We plan to post on an almost-daily basis, so each time you check in, you might just learn something new!


About the Bloggers

Daniel Tal is the owner of www.danieltal.com – a SketchUp tutorial website. He has authored two major books on SketchUp, and runs his own 3D modeling studio. Daniel is also Editor-at-Large for Landscape Architecture Magazine. Look for Daniel’s bio in our next post.
11 Bonnie Roskes is the owner of www.3dvinci.net. She’s written dozens of books on SketchUp and related applications, for a wide range of audiences ranging from grade school kids through long-time design pros. Bonnie’s bio will be featured in a couple of days.


Before you go, check out Daniel’s rendering of one of his major landscape architecture projects: West Seneca Concept:

West Seneca 03 - Birds Eye

And don’t forget to stop by again tomorrow!

About Daniel Tal

Daniel Tal, ASLA, is a professional speaker and a registered landscape architect with over 17 years of experience. He is a 3D modeling and visualization expert, has authored two books with Wiley and Sons: SketchUp for Site Design and Rendering in SketchUp and is the tech-editor at large for Landscape Architecture Magazine. Tal runs a 3D modeling and visualization studio for Stanley Consultants, a 1,000 person multi-disciplinary engineering firm. Read more about Daniel.


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