Rendering In SketchUpRendering in SketchUp

Rendering in SketchUp® provides instructions for creating 3D photorealistic graphics for SketchUp models using integrated rendering programs. The book serves as a beginner rendering manual and reference guide to further develop rendering skills. With an emphasis on step-by-step process, SketchUp users learn a universal approach to rendering varied SketchUp projects, including architecture, interiors, and site design models.

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Chapter Resources

Chapter 8b – Mac Texture Tools Part 9 – Twilight Render
Part 9 – Twilight Render


SketchUp for Site DesignGoogle SketchUp for Site Design

Site design professionals can now use the powerful tools of Google SketchUp for their own practices. This clear and focused illustrated guide explains how site professionals can use the SketchUp tools and functions to construct expressive models of exterior spaces and architecture.

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