More Pillow Ideas

A few weeks ago I posted a four-part series on making realistic-looking pillows. You can find Part 1 here. It’ll be helpful to read that series before trying these examples, to get familiar with projected textures and material sampling. Blog reader (and 3DVinci book customer) Jorge Lopez is a professor of Architectural Technology at Kirkwood Community […]

Pillow model 17

In Part 1 of this pillow series, we left off after creating the basic shape of the pillow. We also downloaded a pillow picture. So in this post, we’ll paint the pillow “box” with the pillow image. This is the image I’m using: My image includes some blank space around the edges, which is fine. But you don’t […]


SketchUp is a great tool for interior design, but organic shapes like pillows can be tough to model accurately. This four-part series will show one easy way to create the perfect pillows for your furniture. Here’s the lovely room I want to decorate. The current pillows don’t do much for me – too plain. And I’m […]