Paper House Project: Part 2 - Edit Texture Images

Part 1 of this series showed how to use the Flatten and Unwrap extension to make a simple paper house in SketchUp. In that project, your kids (or you) print on blank paper and use markers or crayons to add windows, doors, materials, etc. This project shows a different method: painting materials in SketchUp. I started […]

Importing Images: Part 1 - Creating Textures

In the few months we’ve been posting to this blog, we’ve covered all levels of SketchUp users. And so far, we’ve found that we get the most views on posts that cover SketchUp basics. So here’s a short tutorial on a topic I get asked about all the time – how to use a digital […]

SketchUp Styles: Part 1 - Customize Your Look

One of SketchUp’s best features is styles, giving you the ability to produce excellent graphic images and non-photorealistic (NPR) renderings. I almost always use SketchUp’s native graphic styles for client presentations, though I do have to produce “fancy” renderings from time to time (these days I’m into Lumion). For a basic presentation, just turn on […]