Position Camera: Part 2 - Camera Target

In Part of this series, I showed how to use SketchUp’s Position Camera tool to navigate to a specific view of this news studio. In this post, I’ll show a different feature of Position Camera: the ability to both place the camera and point it at the same time.   Here’s the entire studio – what you […]

Creating a SketchUp Template: Part 2 - Saving and Using

In Part 1 of this series, I showed how to set up the SketchUp file that will be saved as a 3D printing template. In this post, I’ll show how to save this file as a template, and how to start a new file using this template. Save as Template The file from Part 1 […]

Creating a SketchUp Template: Part 1 - File Setup

Most everyone knows that when you start SketchUp, you’re presented with a list of templates you can choose from. These include construction documentation, interior design, product design, 3D printing, etc. The idea behind a template is that your SketchUp file starts with the right units and scale for your project, and contains whatever other properties […]

Paper House Project: Part 4 - Photo Match Painting

We ended Part 3 of this series with a simple house, modeled entirely in SketchUp, with these two images saved as screen captures: Now we’ll use these images to paint the blank house, which was copied from the original house. Photo Match Axes With Photo Match, model location and directions are essential to get right. […]

Sketchup Groups and Materials Kitchen Render 010011

The previous three parts of this series focused on how to combine layers and scenes to present and view two (or more) design options for the same space. (See Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3.) This last post focuses on a similar scenario – comparing material options for one part of a model. This requires the use […]

SketchUp Layer Setup RedRender10007

In Part 1 of this series, I showed how to create layers and place objects on them. In Part 2, I showed how to use copied objects to create an alternate room design. In this part, I’ll demonstrate the final step in this example: how to combine layers and scenes for easy viewing of both design options. Option 1 Layer […]

Optimizing SketchUp Performance: Part 2 - Settings

Part 1 of this three-part series focused on the hardware you need to maximize SketchUp performance. In this part, I’ll discuss how to adjust SketchUp settings for the most efficient performance. Here’s what I’ll cover: Edge Styles Shadows OpenGL Outliner   Edge Styles These are the easiest setting to change, and can have a significant impact on performance. […]

SketchUp Layers Detailed Park

In Part 1 of this series, Bonnie discussed best practices of layer placement, and in Part 2 I showed some large-model case studies of layer organization. In this last post of this series, I’ll demonstrate the power of combining SketchUp layers with scenes to make model presentation simple and efficient. This complicated-looking project is a prime candidate for simplification using scenes […]