For You Math Fans: Polyhedral Waltz

I was recently contacted by a math professor I’d been in touch with several years ago. Debra Borkovitz of Wheelock College teaches math to future elementary-level math teachers. And she discovered SketchUp as a great teaching tool for visualizing math. (And a bit of self-promo: Debra found lots of great material in my GeomeTricks books!) […]

Creating a SketchUp Template: Part 2 - Saving and Using

In Part 1 of this series, I showed how to set up the SketchUp file that will be saved as a 3D printing template. In this post, I’ll show how to save this file as a template, and how to start a new file using this template. Save as Template The file from Part 1 […]

Creating a SketchUp Template: Part 1 - File Setup

Most everyone knows that when you start SketchUp, you’re presented with a list of templates you can choose from. These include construction documentation, interior design, product design, 3D printing, etc. The idea behind a template is that your SketchUp file starts with the right units and scale for your project, and contains whatever other properties […]

Sketchup Groups and Materials Kitchen Render 010011

The previous three parts of this series focused on how to combine layers and scenes to present and view two (or more) design options for the same space. (See Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3.) This last post focuses on a similar scenario – comparing material options for one part of a model. This requires the use […]

SketchUp Layer Setup RedRender10007

In Part 1 of this series, I showed how to create layers and place objects on them. In Part 2, I showed how to use copied objects to create an alternate room design. In this part, I’ll demonstrate the final step in this example: how to combine layers and scenes for easy viewing of both design options. Option 1 Layer […]

1001Bit tools

This post appeared a couple of months ago, and was one of the most popular things to appear so far on 3Daily. Since we ran this post, our readership has just about tripled (thanks, al!) So this is for anyone who might have missed it the first time. Enjoy!   The 1001bit Tools extension has […]

SketchUp Layer Options 19

In Part 1 of this series, I started with this room design: I want to compare this room layout to another design. The first step, which I showed in Part 1, was setting up layers – one layer for each design. In this part, I’ll show how to use the layers to display the two different designs. […]

SketchUp Layer Setup RedRender10007

Which room layout do you like better? This . . .   . . . or this?     In this four-part series, I’ll show how to combine SketchUp layers and scenes to explore different options for room design. It’s a useful technique for interior/kitchen/bath designers, remodelers, contractors, or any regular Joe (or Josephine) looking to change a room layout […]

Optimizing SketchUp performance. RENDERINGS 01

In Part 1 of this series, I discussed the optimal hardware for SketchUp performance, and in Part 2 I discussed some user interface options you can set to speed things up. In this post, I’ll discuss the modeling process that will allow you to keep performance at its peak, for any size model. Specifically: Using components and […]