Tools on Surface Extension

I love extensions. And Tools On Surface might be my favorite (along with Soap Skin & Bubble which I’ve mentioned before and will mention again). This is one of SketchUcation’s extensions. See our post on how to get SketchUcation’s ExtensionStore. Why Tools on Surface? We all know SketchUp’s native drawing tools: Line, Rectangle, Circle, 2 […]

Joint Push Pull: Part 2 - Examples

In Part 1 of this Joint Push Pull series, Bonnie showed some simple examples of what you can do with the Joint Push Pull extension. I’m going to show a few real-world models where I’ve been able to use JPP with awesome (and fast) results. Massing Model This master plan model has a number of faces […]

SketchUp Skelion Extension. High Rez Aerial with Location Selected

In Part 1 of this series, I showed how to use the Skelion extension to import terrain into SketchUp. This produces a much larger terrain area than what you could import using SketchUp’s Add Location tool, which imports data from Google Earth. While Add Location limits you to one square mile of imported terrain, Skelion is able to bring in […]

SketchUp Skelion Extension

Building SketchUp models in context, a.k.a. geo-location, requires reference information. Whether working on bridges, residences, commercial development, or parks, including the surrounding area is crucial for accuracy. This post is about Skelion, available in the Extension Warehouse. If you haven’t yet installed an extension from there, see our post on how to do it.   Add […]

Interview with Chuck Vali

Chuck Vali is an architect, coder, and developer of fantastic SketchUp extensions. And he lives in Hawaii, where he gets to design gorgeous resorts like this one:   I’ve used Chuck’s tools for years. Collectively known as Instant Architecture , this combination of tools automates the creation of terrain, walls, fencing roads, trails, roofs, and more. […]